Rental and Loaner Fleet Automation


Receive Real-Time vehicle arrival alerts via email, iOS and Android apps

  • Greet customers by name upon arrival
  • Charge precisely and immediately for fuel usage
  • Identify potential vehicle damage or abuse


Improve inventory control and accountability for your vehicle fleet

  • Identify all fleet vehicles currently on site automatically
  • Audit “non-contract” trips and eliminate unauthorized vehicle use

Vehicle Compatibility
JumpDrive reads the precise fuel level in 98% of vehicles in rental and loaner fleets in the US and Canada. We read the true odometer in 92% (and growing) of vehicles in the US and Canada. For vehicles where JumpDrive does not read the true odometer, JumpDrive will report a calculated odometer (typically within 0.50% of the true odometer). For information on a specific list of the over 2,000 make / model / year combinations we read, please contact us.